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We’re currently not able to run our usual daily animal interactions. This is to protect both visitors and staff by avoiding people gathering in groups in one spot. But if you want to see keeper talks, check out the Fauna Fun Facts videos we’ve been posting on our Facebook page

Southern cassowary
You can now see southern cassowaries in northern Victoria!  Gorge and Adelaide were hand raised at On the Perch Bird Park in southern NSW and moved to Kyabram Fauna Park in March 2020.

Southern cassowaries are large, colourful, flightless birds that are native to Queensland’s tropical rainforests.
Can you believe these birds descended from dinosaurs?! 

Cassowaries belong to one of the most ancient lineages of living birds. Southern cassowaries are ratites, an ancient group of flightless birds that also include the emu, ostrich, kiwis and rhea.

Cassowaries mainly feed on fruits that have fallen to the ground from trees as well as leaves, grasses, seeds and insects.

Spot-tailed and eastern quolls
In June 2020 we welcomed Myrcella and Shireen, two female eastern quolls, and an as yet unnamed male spot-tailed quoll to Kyabram Fauna Park.  This trio were born and bred at Zoodoo Wildlife Park in Tasmania
Quolls are carnivorous marsupials with a pointed snout, a long tail and brown to black fur distinctively spotted with white. They are lively, attractive animals, with bright eyes, a moist pink nose and many sharp teeth.

The largest species, the spot-tailed quoll, eats birds, reptiles and mammals such as bandicoots, possums, echidnas and rabbits. The smaller quolls eat mainly insects, birds, frogs, lizards, snakes, small mammals and fruit. Quolls also eat carrion (dead animals).

There are four types of quolls found in Australia:  the northern, spotted-tailed, eastern and western quolls.

Dingo puppies have arrived at Kyabram Fauna Park!  You can see them in our recently upgraded dingo enclosure.

For something really special, book a dingo puppy encounter. Your 20-minute encounter includes puppy play time, photo opportunities, behind-the-scenes tour and a dingo educational talk from a keeper.

Dingo puppy encounters are $30 per person with all funds raised used to make improvements at the Park as we are a not-for-profit facility. Book now by calling 5852 2883, email or book at the Park entry.

Kyabram Fauna Park annual pass members receive a 20% discount on dingo puppy encounters! It’s our way of giving back something extra to our members.