The Park offers a broad range of Learning Experiences.

Sessions are in line with the Victorian Department of Education and link to expected outcomes.

Sessions/Visits allow Students to connect with Animals; Environment and Conservation; expanding Students’ understanding of Australia’s unique Fauna and Flora.

Service now available 5 days a week.

Self Guided Tours are optional with Eco-Missions; Walk on the Wildside.

Plan your visit with our Staff to ensure a great, learning experience.

All Visits must be Booked in, two (2) weeks in advance of Visit. 

If Learning Sessions are required, Bookings are to be made four (4) weeks in advance of Visit.

2018 Charges:

$ 9.50 each Student for Park Entrance and Learning Session.

Adult Ratio:   Prep to Year 2:        1 in 5               No Charge

Adult Ratio:   Year 3 to Year 12:    1 in 10             No Charge

All Additional Adults above Ratio:  $ 10 per person

For further information or Bookings:

            Email:          4education@kyabramfaunapark.com.au

            Phone:             (03) 5852 2204

If emailing, please provide School Name; Contact Person’s details; Tentative/Proposed Date/s; Number of Students and Year Level.

A range of Catering options, for Lunches etc. is available from the Park’s Café. e.g. Sandwiches, Drinks, Icy Poles etc. may be ordered when making initial Bookings.


All Payment arrangements will be organised prior to Visits.